packaging design

Packaging Design for TintEX.

TintEX, a new player in the paint manufacturing space in Mauritius approached bm with the task of designing its packaging for several paint, solvent and other surface-finishing products for industrial and commercial markets.

We sat down with the company c-suite to understand the problem and how they wanted to approach the task. After several discovery sessions and an in-depth brand analysis we separated the products into clusters. We concluded that the brand targets a mass market with mid to high quality products for professionals and non-professionals, each range having its own identity according to its market segment.

We took a close look at trends within each segment, analysed best practice standards and curated content and ideas for four main categories:

  • DIY
  • Professional
  • Solvents
  • Woodcare


We wanted to represent the DIY range through texture using simple, bold and minimalist styles to contrast with competitor products and “pop out” on the shelves. With the mantra that “in a complex world, simple always wins” we proceeded to test several concepts and through a methodical selection process with the company and design team, honed in on two or three finalists. The end design was created using the parts that work and rejecting everything else, resulting in an elegant final outcome.

packaging design
packaging design


Staying true to the DNA of the DIY minimalist design parameters, we decided to keep within the boundaries of simplicity with the design. To differentiate the professional range from the DIY products, it needed to convey a sense of specialisation and industry. The brand colours, being highly representative of industrial style we decided to keep the design limited only to the yellow and burgundy of the TintEX brand. The result was very effective.

packaging design
packaging design


For this line, we adopted a different approach. For solvents we thought about illustrating the chemical reaction in a visual way. In the studio we had a lot of fun experimenting with mixing colours and adding solvents and photographed paints diluting into clouds of colour as they dissolved to create beautiful visuals.

packaging design
packaging design


The wood care range required a different treatment. Trust in quality and seeing results is important to buyers of wood care products They need to see the effect and quality of the finish. In order to achieve some trust in the product we were going to have to show how the product treats wood. Several photos were incorporated into the design for this reason representing the high quality finish of the wood care range.

brand identity

TintEX successfully launched their new product lines into the Mauritius market. They have since reported a high percentage increase in sales. This percentage continues to grow and TintEX is now entering the Madagascar market with an amazing response, making big strides in the paint space.

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