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Rebrand for Fine Foods.

Fine Foods approached bm questioning whether their brand identity was still relevant after 10 years of trading.

Their brand had begun to look outdated without much more than a logo and basic colour palette. They felt it no longer represented the forward thinking nature of the business. After our first meeting and asking a few crucial questions, we suggested a brand audit followed by a company rebrand. They needed to reconnect their brand with the company team and their customers.

company rebrand
company rebrand logo

Rebooting the Brand.

Fine Foods is an industry leader in the import and distribution of food products. They’re positioned as a marketing and distribution company for these food products.

Our task? To explore the market, define the brand’s customers, reflect the brand personality through a visual ecosystem while respecting its existing brand equity and introduce photography styles, visual devices, new typography and establish a slogan.

We started with a discovery into the company and it’s purpose, which enabled us to build their story, and test ideas on how the brand name, tag line, along with the rest of the brand identity could come together.

company rebrand stylescape
company rebrand stationery

Bringing the Brand to Life.

The first real glimpse into how the brand will look and feel begins at the preliminary design phase. Stylescapes are rough visual representations of how all the elements of the brand come together. Three visual directions are developed using curated concepts, design elements, messaging and text, and photography.

The final stylescape is then created as a sort of hybrid using elements from all three preliminary stylescapes. From there we have the ingredients to create all the brand collateral, stationery and begin working on a concept for the company website.

company rebrand
company rebrand website

The Result.

After working closely with the Fine Foods team through every step of this branding process, their participation was key in developing such a successful outcome.

As Fine Foods continues to grow as a business and brand, our relationship grows with them. Bm will continue to help Fine Foods grow as we are invested in the success of the business and its brand.

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