Branding for Cyberskills.

Cybernaptics, a well established IT firm, came to us with the task of building a brand identity for their new, innovative IT learning center, Cyberskills.

Defining the Brand.

The project began with a brand workshop where we facilitated several discovery sessions. The objective was to clarify company goals, values and hone in on their “whys”. The outcome was a clear brand story and voice for Cyberskills.

Understanding the Customer.

The next step was to define the target audience. Using the new information surfaced in the workshop sessions, we created two detailed customer persona profiles. These customer personas would function as a filtering tool, allowing us to purposefully design and create all future brand visuals, marketing efforts and other collateral in alignment with the customers’ needs and wants.

A Hands-On Approach.

Cyberskills prides itself in teaching IT using real-life scenarios. The students have access to hardware and software to help deepen their practical skills in a hands-on way, creating a rich, high-energy learning experience and our aim was to represent this in designing the brand.

A Dynamic Brand System.

The first step in developing a brand visual system is to create a well developed, research-based composition called a stylescape. Using this method, we presented three possible directions for the brand using photos, fonts, shapes, colours and graphics. Through a rigorous analysis and process of elimination the design team along with the Cyberskills team worked together to refine and develop these concepts into a final stylescape which would be used as a prototype and reference point for developing all future brand assets.

The Logo.

Cyberskills, being a new name in the IT training sector needed a bold, clear typographic logo to represent their brand. Several ideas and sketches were drawn up and reviewed together with the Cyberskills team and the final product was a perfect solution to what we had set out to achieve.

Creating the Collateral.

The only thing left to do was to bring the brand to life through its collateral. Using our defined brand guidelines, messaging tone and visual ecosystem we created several stationery and promotional items for Cyberskills including a letterhead, business cards and signage designs for use at expos and other events.

With all the necessary ingredients to deliver a robust brand experience to their customers, Cyberskills began training in December 2019 and has big plans to grow in 2020. Brand Mechanics continues to assist Cyberskills in delivering their brand to their target audience in new and meaningful ways.

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