Aqua Springs Mineral Water: Brand Strategy and Design.

Aqua Springs is a mineral water brand that bottles directly from the source, an aquifer deep beneath the earth. Their water is pure, naturally filtered, and bursting with essential minerals for optimal hydration. With a commitment to sustainability, Aqua Springs uses eco-friendly packaging and practices to protect the environment and preserve the natural purity of their water.


Brand Mechanics was excited to work with Aqua Springs, a mineral water brand, on their brand strategy and design. Our process began with extensive research and preparation for a brand discovery workshop. This included analyzing industry trends, researching Aqua Springs’ competitors, and gathering insights about their target audience.

Brand Discovery.

The brand discovery workshop was a three-day intensive session with the Aqua Springs team. During this workshop, we focused on identifying the unique attributes and values that set Aqua Springs apart from their competitors. We also explored their business goals and target audience to develop a brand strategy that would effectively communicate their brand message and support their business objectives.

Creating the Brand.

Based on the insights and strategies developed during the brand discovery workshop, our design team began creating the brand identity from scratch. This included designing a visually appealing and cohesive logo and color palette, as well as creating brand guidelines that outlined how to use these elements consistently across all marketing materials.


Throughout the design process, our team worked closely with the Aqua Springs team to ensure that the brand identity accurately reflected their brand message and values. We also conducted user testing sessions to gather feedback and ensure that the design was effective in communicating Aqua Springs’ brand message to their target audience.

Overall, the collaboration between our research, brand strategy, and design teams resulted in a successful brand identity launch for Aqua Springs. The brand identity accurately communicates their brand message and values, and has received positive feedback from their target audience.

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